Swaadhyayan Founders

Shri HR Gupta (Brand Ambassador of Swa-Adhyayan)

A visionary with over five decades of experience in the Indian education system, Shri HR Gupta has held numerous esteemed positions in various educational organisations. The following is a glimpse of the positions held by him.

  1. Secretary, CBSE
  2. Controller of Examination (AIPMT), CBSE
  3. Joint Secretary (Administration and Academics), CBSE
  4. Joint Director, National Open School
  5. Member of Governing Body, College of Sciences, University of Delhi
  6. Member of Delhi University Court

He has always been a firm believer in transforming the primitive ways in order to make learning and teaching more effective and meaningful.

Dr. Rajeev Gupta (Founder Director of Swa-Adhyayan)

Emphasising on his motto “Let’s Change the way India Teaches”, CA Dr. Rajeev Gupta has evolved as a transformational leader. He is a strategic advisor and has worked with individuals, groups, corporations and educational institutions. Having over 20 years of vast global work experience, his training models and empowerment workshops systematically allow a personalised understanding and fulfilment of goals. He has a sacred passion of promoting universal human values in the educational institutions. Through his incomparable values in teacher training programs, parenting programs and multiple intelligence based teaching, Dr. Rajeev Gupta has helped many schools in incorporating value-infused methodologies for successfully fulfilment of their aims and objectives.

He has been conferred with various awards and recognitions for his innovation in teaching pedagogies: India’s best Pre School for Innovation in Teaching Delhi’s Best School for outstanding contribution in Child Education India’s Standalone Pre School for Innovation in Early Child Care Pedagogy He is also honoured with "Men with Difference" Award and "Lantern of Knowledge" Award in the field of education. Besides this, he holds the position of Governing Body Member at University of Delhi and a key speaker on various Educational Summits, Leadership Platforms and TV Shows.