(Swa-Adhyayan's Evaluation for Academicians and Schools)

This program is based on the guidelines as set by SCERT, DOE and NUEPA.

(Annual Confidential Report) We believe that Teachers’ Performance Management is the mainstay of quality education. Our ACR manages teachers’ performance and their professional development. It includes a continuous process of identifying teachers’ potential and developing their skills through a systematic approach of capacity-building programs.

(School Evaluation) The need for effective and improving school performance to provide quality education is increasingly felt in the Indian education system. The quality initiatives in school education sector, thus necessitates focusing on schools, their performances and improvements. Our program SE envisions creating a sustainable and institutionalised system of school evaluation. Therefore, it seeks to develop a common understanding across stakeholders of – the what, the why, the when, the where, the whom and the how of school evaluation.

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