(Simplified Technology-Enabled Education Product) (For Grades K - 8)

(Swa-Adhyayan Entrant’s Profiling Test) is India’s first unique pre-learning assessment tool which analyses a child’s innate learning style and proficiency profile. It also advises suggestive remediation for students and empowers the educators to streamline their teaching process and make the learning process more effective.

(Swa-Adhyayan Learning and Evaluation Matrix) analyses the academic scores and progress of students throughout their academic year by method of continuous evaluation. Here, a built-in question bank is mapped to the CBSE/ICSE/ State board curriculum which is followed by schools. After assessments, various kinds of comprehensive and informative learning outcomes for all the stakeholders (Students, Teachers, Principals and Parents) are generated which comprise progressive and comparative evaluation of the student.

(Swa-Adhyayan Learner’s Assessment Tool for Evaluation) offers practice material and academic content which act as self-assessment tool for a student and enhance his/her self-learning pattern.